Holy sH*t part 2

Holy moly! What a crazy last couple of weeks!

First off, my husband and I were told two weeks ago that we needed to move out of the house that we currently rent by end of March. Super unexpected! We debated with the idea of renting again or buying. So we decided to look for something to buy and if we ended up not being able to find something within 3 weeks, we would then look to rent. Well, we found something! We saw this house a couple weekends ago and within 3 days the house was ours! Crazy! My husband and I are not the kind of people who do something without tons of research and hesitation, so this was a total new experience for us. We are super pleased with our new home and close this week!

Not only did we buy a house but I also got a new job that started last week. Anxiety overload! It doesn’t help that my usually tidy house is now filled with boxes either! Even though the mess is pretty annoying to me, I am actually really pleased! It feels really good to own a house, have a new job and have something to look forward to: furniture shopping!

I keep telling my husband that starting a new job and moving in the same month is very stressful for me and his response is: “You love being stressed”. Of course I want to hit him when he says this. No one likes to be stressed out! But I understand what he means; I love planning out my days, weeks, months and having days filled to the brim with things to do. It makes me feel accomplished and it motivates me to do more…and what better way to step out of my comfort zone! Moving to a new city and starting a new job is like the ultimate cringe-worthy experience and is also risky! And remember, risky people are confident people who don’t need boyfriends like ED…

ED who?