Shedding ED

My sister recently got married which prompted me to want to lose some lbs before the wedding. I did not succeed but ended up feeling OK about myself…until I saw pictures. This has happened before. I tend to think I look thinner than I actually am so when I see pics, I think F***. So coming home I wanted to lose some of the weight that I had planned on losing before. I started using my app again to count calories which seems to at least get me back on track. I used it for probably two weeks and then stopped. I find that when I use it, it is a great tool to help me with portion control, but I found myself struggling a bit with bingeing while doing it. I would do really well for 3 days straight and then crash and burn, most likely due to deprivation and not calorie deficit (there is a difference). Calorie deficit is what is required when losing weight, but deprivation is not allowing yourself calories that could be deemed as “bad” or “unhealthy”. So allowing myself chips but including it in my calorie intake would have been smarter than not allowing myself chips and then bingeing on chips later.

You would think I would know by this now… and guess what… I do know this and have known this! But the struggle is real y’all! ED is a complete mind fuck. So if you are recovered from ED but want to shed some pounds, do it without deprivation. As soon as you deprive or set too many limitations on yourself i.e ” I will eat less AND no processed food, and no dairy, and no sugar… “etc, you will not succeed! And as always, shed ED before you attempt to shed the lbs.