I’m Baaack!

OK! So I have not posted since April mainly due to the fact that I felt like I had nothing else to talk about. But I will give you a run down of everything that has happened since then.

I quit teaching barre at the end of May. Ben pulled out some of our bamboo which is overtaking our yard. I went off of social media. We took a relaxing trip to Hawaii in June; I read 6 books. I fell back in love with outdoor running…and tanning (the real stuff). I went back to being blonde. I got my first shellac. We spent a week in British Columbia with my 9 month old nephew and family. Ben continued to take out bamboo. I turned 30 in July; our planned road trip to Boise got cancelled because Piper hurt her foot… my “Dirty Thirty” turned out to be not really dirty at all. I quit my other part-time job at the end of July. Our planned trip to Whistler got cancelled due to the smoke. Ben continued to take out bamboo. I repainted the bedrooms. I became mostly vegetarian for about 3 weeks. We contemplated buying a Bed and Breakfast in Boise. I got a full-time job. I have gone back to teaching barre classes just one day per week. Ben built me a small gym in his (now our) garage. My sister got married over Labor Day weekend in CO. Ben and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary… at my sister’s wedding. I managed to go to a family affair without getting a spray tan. I also managed to get very drunk again at a family affair. Ben tore his MCL. Our house aside from the backyard is completely done (sort of). Our furnace broke. Bamboo is still growing. And that about sums it up!

My nephew James ❤️